Why Twitter is Important for SEO

Twitter is still struggling to make its way in the era of Big Facebook. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore a platform with 330 million monthly active users. Twitter is a great source for sharing breaking news, working with influencers and media, and using hashtags.

Yes, hashtags. Because unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, hashtags actually function well on Twitter.

Still, for B2B businesses that are highly technical, Twitter is not always top of mind for social marketing. Beyond its uses for lead generation, awareness and advertising, the social media channel is a crucial platform for optimizing your website for search.

Google and Twitter partnered for search results

Back in 2015, Google and Twitter brokered a partnership where the popular search engine can easily trawl tweets for its search engine results pages (or SERPs).* This access is unique to Twitter, which is why you’ll see tweets prioritized in Google search results but not Facebook or LinkedIn posts.

So, what’s this mean for your business?

Twitter needs to be part of your marketing mix, and you need to do it right. Post quality content regularly – I recommend my clients post at least once per day. Of course, your content matters, so your posts should incorporate key phrases from your SEO strategy. Google's algorithm values useful content so make sure you use images and the appropriate links back to your mobile-friendly site.

Finally, since your profile can rank on SERPs, be sure to properly explain your business using descriptive language that matches the voice of your website. That way no matter what link they click, your audience can easily find the content they need.

There are distinct benefits to utilizing Twitter as part of your SEO strategy. Although some say the platform is dying, the benefits to your site’s ranking – the fact that they’re now profitable – is enough to conclude that Twitter is vital to your organization’s online presence.

*tl;dr: Twitter actually gave Google firehose access so the search engine doesn’t need to crawl individual tweets. If you want to really get in the weeds on this, hit me up on Twitter: @TomBasgil.