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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Freelancer

Despite my enthusiasm, not everyone should hire a freelancer or consultant.

There are certain tasks for which an outsourced, part-time consultant is not your best choice. You might be better served by making a full-time hire if, for example, your growth goals are particularly aggressive, you need internal processes developed, or your strategy requires a lot of tactical execution.

Check out 6 reasons you shouldn’t hire a consultant.

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Rise and Grind: Finding Your Efficiency Sweet Spot

I find it’s always helpful to have two creative projects going. That way, you can procrastinate from one with the other. 

Utility of action and efficiency are key in understanding Tim Ferriss’ approach to reducing the time spent on trivial work and maximizing your profits. As I read through, I found his approach wanting in a few aspects.

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Remote Work, BrandingTom Basgil
My Most Valuable Asset is Time

I’m about 30 pages into "The 4-Hour Workweek" (Tim Ferriss), and I’m frankly feeling very inspired. I just had a rough weekend, where I worked about ten hours and felt exhausted for the other 38. This isn’t too strange for me. I have a chronic illness that means I’m next to useless most of the time, which is why I quit my job and started freelancing full time.

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